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Tips for enjoying the summer as co-parents

On Behalf of | May 6, 2024 | Child Custody |

The co-parenting relationship is as unique as the two parents who are committed to working together to raise their children even though they aren’t in a romantic relationship any longer. One of the points some co-parents follow is attending activities for the children together, even if they have another significant other. 

There are several things these co-parents can do that can boost their chances of enjoying the summer with their children without added stress. While these might not work for every situation, they may be suitable for some. 

Let the children lead

Summer is a time for the children to have fun. Let them lead as you choose activities for them to enjoy and make positive memories. Remember, they can have activities with one parent and not the other. It’s not a contest to see who can do more. 

Work with your co-parent to schedule some joint activities and be understanding as individual activities come up. Just remember to follow the parenting time schedule, but be willing to be flexible for the sake of the children. 

Keep problematic conversations at bay

One thing that can quickly ruin a summer outing for children is their parents fighting. Even if contentious topics need to be addressed, do it at an appropriate time. This may mean keeping your thoughts to yourself until after the outing and when the children aren’t around. 

Ultimately, your parenting time and other decisions for the children are governed by the terms of the parenting plan. Getting this document together and updating as necessary may require the assistance of a legal representative. 


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