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Signs you might need a divorce

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Not all marriage problems call for separation. In some cases, spouses can settle their differences through open discussion and rekindle their relationship. However, such tactics cannot save every union, with divorce often representing the most sensible and healthy solution to a couple’s problems. The following signs may indicate that your marriage is in trouble, making it worthwhile to consult with North Carolina divorce attorney to learn more about your legal options.

If you find yourself purposefully antagonizing your spouse or vice versa, you should consider whether ending the marriage might be better for both of you. It is common in a long-term relationship to irritate one’s partner accidentally, but it is not healthy for such behavior to become intentional. Likewise, if you begin viewing your spouse as a “ball and chain” or a burden rather than a romantic partner, staying married may only make things worse.

Your spouse should be your best friend, bringing you comfort and helping you take away your stress. However, many couples eventually find themselves avoiding communication except when absolutely necessary. Likewise, spouses may mentally retreat from each other when confronted with tension rather than discussing your problems. If this behavior becomes routine, divorce may be needed.

Successful relationships are generally based on trust and mutual care. You may have always previously asked for your spouse’s input on important decisions, but now find yourself acting without concern to your spouse’s thoughts or feelings. Whether this is due to stress, resentment or something else, thoughts like these signal a distance between spouses, one that can be incredibly difficult or even impossible to close.

If you find yourself constantly comparing you and your spouse’s contributions to the relationship, this means your relationship is no longer functional partnership. Rather than helping each other and working together to meet goals, you may be taking on tasks individually and growing frustrated over your spouse’s lack of concern for your formerly mutual desires. Divorce is often the only effective response to such a problem.

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