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Be nice to your ex’s new spouse

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After the dust settles from your child custody and divorce agreements, you may be required to interact with your kids’ new step parent. You may be emotionally affected by your spouse’s decision to remarry, but there are many benefits to getting along with step parents. Divorce experts say that developing a good relationship with your ex-spouse’s new beau can be beneficial for everyone.

The vast majority of divorced individuals choose relatively nice new spouses when they remarry. This should bring you a sense of peace and comfort even through the uncomfortable transition of meeting and getting to know the new spouse in your life.

When an ex–spouse remarries, most people fear that their children will start to love the step parent more than they love their mother or father. Rest assured; that will not be the case. Your children love you, but they can also love another person for different reasons. As long as that step parent is taking good care of the children and showing them respect, they will be welcome additions to the family. You cannot change the fact that your spouse chose to remarry, but there are a multitude of reasons to be nice to the step parent.

First, you love your children. When your kids visit your ex and his or her new spouse, they see a reflection of you. If you put forth a bad image, your children are likely to suffer because the new spouse can only perceive the kids in a negative light. Politeness goes a long way in promoting positive relationships among every member of this blended family.

Lastly, anger causes stress, and stress causes physical and mental problems. Continuing to be kind to those who are now in your children’s lives will actually help you be more satisfied with your own situation. Still, if you are unsure about the provisions of your custody agreement now that your spouse has remarried, you can consider consulting a qualified divorce attorney.

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