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Man not the father, forced to pay support anyway

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Child Support |

A man from Maryland’s neighboring state of Virginia is still struggling with financial problems related to child support. The man is involved in a drawn-out child support battle over a child that is not biologically related to him. He has spent significant time in and out of court and jail in connection with the case.

The man requested a DNA test to prove paternity. The test showed he was not the father of the child he is paying to raise. A judge believed the man had provided adequate evidence that the child was not fathered by the man. However, the man had signed the child’s birth certificate, a decision that could have long-lasting financial and social consequences.

As the case continues to be debated in court, the man is racking up thousands in child support debt. Even though a judge attempted to help him by mandating a monthly payment of just $1 until the matter is decided, the man’s credit is suffering because of the massive debts. The man and his fianc?e are attempting to plan a wedding and purchase a home, but their dreams are being stifled by financial obligations related to the child support order.

The man said legal help has allowed him to remove some of the debt from his credit report, but he still has a long way to go. He says he hopes to have all of the debts cleared in order to spend his money on his own future family.

American courts tend to unfailingly take the side of children in support cases. Many fathers who do not have biological ties to their children are still required to pay child support because they signed a birth certificate or were otherwise involved in the child’s life. This way, the child can avoid relying on state supplements for basic necessities, providing a better quality of living. This can be incredibly unfair for the person paying for support, however. If you are stuck paying for a child that is not biologically yours, consider seeking the assistance of a qualified family attorney.

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