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Announce your divorce like a celebrity

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If you are going through a divorce, you may have a hard time telling your family and friends about your breakup. Divorce, after all, is a family law topic that is quite unlike marriage; we rarely send “save the date” cards for our impending splits. Now, innovators in the field are saying that couples should do just that. Enter the idea of divorce announcements, a method that would prevent couples from having to tell their story over and over again. Imagine your friends and family members in Maryland hearing the news directly from you through a concise, planned message. It’s the newest, best family law tactic: Officially announce your divorce.

This trend has been prevalent in Hollywood for years, where the stars must issue formal documents to the press confirming their impending splits. In fact, everyday divorcees can learn from the glitterati. Instead of rehashing the details of your painful split every time you see a new acquaintance, consider getting ahead of the story. Releasing the information on your terms gives you more power and control, allowing you to feel more confident as you proceed through the breakup.

Of course, you will not be submitting press releases to your local newspaper, but you could consider sending e-mail messages, notifications through your social media or even hard-copy announcements in the post. Successful celebrity divorces occur when both parties agree to release the information and then refrain from speaking about the divorce for a short period of time. Avoid the painful divorce conversation by keeping a low profile for several days.

Celebrities who successfully split generally appear to be on the same team. This is especially true among those who have children. Divorcing couples are encouraged to tell their social circles they are focusing on their kids rather than upon the impending split. Even if your private life is rife with conflict, present a controlled appearance to limit talk about your divorce.

Experts say the key to a successful divorce announcement is the decision to set boundaries and retain control of your situation. Improve your divorce experience by using this innovative strategy.

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