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Some typical irritating actions of many ex-spouses

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It is no surprise that couples in Maryland, or anywhere for that matter, get divorced when they are no longer getting along. Once the divorce is finalized, however, especially is the couple has children together, the interaction does not end. The marriage is over, but there is ongoing needed communication. Some ex-spouses, however, seem to ignore the fact that the divorce battle is over, and many do some annoying things that are really unnecessary and uncalled for.

One of the biggest complaints that people have expressed about ex-spouses is when they are totally non-communicative. No answer to emails, letters or phone calls. When is your child’s school play, graduation or vacation? Will something interfere with your normal visitation? Will they be picking up your child from school today? The “fun” of not knowing and guessing what is going on can enrage you.

Another big problem is penny-pinching when it comes to expenses for the children. Some divorced parents forget that it is not just a matter of paying court-ordered child support. The children are still the non-custodial parent’s son or daughter as well as yours. Making sure that they have the baseball uniform they need to play on the team or the admission for the amusement park might be a little more important than getting out the calculator to make sure that they didn’t pay 22 cents more than you towards the cost.

Continuing to argue, fight and act rude towards you in front of the children is really uncalled for. Children should not be used as pawns in the ongoing post-marital drama or be made to feel that they must “choose sides” between parents. There are many other things that undoubtedly belong on this list. If you see yourself in any of these descriptions, consider compromise and even changing. Such conduct is unproductive and ultimately self-defeating and damaging to everyone, including the children.

If you continuously have difficulties with visitation, collecting child support or other matters, though, you may have some options through the family court.

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