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Ludacris seeks child custody and child support for his daughter

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If you’re expected to have to pay child support, you might decide to seek custody instead of reducing your payments. In cases like this one, that might be one of your options in Maryland. According to the news from Feb. 23, Ludacris, a well-known rapper, wants to seek child support from his ex; he also wants to have full custody of his daughter.

According to the story, the rapper has decided to fight for the custody of his 2-month-old baby girl. She has allegedly been in the care of her mother since her birth, but now he claims that he should have full custody and be paid child support instead of the other way around. The courts in Atlanta haven’t made any decisions regarding the little girl’s custody arrangements, but Ludacris is making sure that his legal documents indicate what a fit and capable parent he is.

He claims that he has always been an active father to his 12-year-old daughter, too, which would sit well in his favor. The news claims that Ludacris has also asked the judge to make his ex pay him for child support, since he’d have full custody of his daughter in this scenario. Previously, his ex had been asking for $15,000 per month in child support, but she was denied due to Ludacris saying his cash flow had stopped due to the death of Paul Walker and halt to the “Fast & Furious” series of movies.

The judge allegedly took this into consideration when ordering Ludacris to pay his ex only $7,000 per month in support. However, now that he’s asking for child custody, he may be able to have the tables turned. If he has custody, it may result in his ex paying him instead.

Those who are seeking child custody or a reduction in child support payments may benefit from the advice of a Maryland family law attorney. These professionals can help parents seek the modification they want and need.

Source: TMZ, “Ludacris Gunning for Full Custody…Wants Child Support” No author given, Feb. 23, 2014


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