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Child support enforcement laws beneficial in Maryland and beyond

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Child Support |

Child support and child support enforcement may sometimes be a point of contention during and after the divorce process. Parents who divorce in Maryland may be interested to know that lawmakers in another state are working to improve the way that they collect child support payments that are in arrears. They are planning to change the laws regarding the collection process of child support payments.

The bill, if approved, will allow for over $7 million to be given to the Department of Social Services. This money will be used to obtain some new technology systems to be used by the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement. Also, $1 million will go to the Judicial Branch. This money will be used to hire more staff for their Support Enforcement Services.

The bill would also allow for a study to be completed testing new technology for child support enforcement. These tests could allow for better collection in the future and could find ways that are unknown at this time. Better enforcement could help the children receive the support they deserve.

It is best for everyone who is involved in child support for the payments to stay current because if one paying child support gets behind it is that much harder for him or her to catch up and avoid jail time. Parents who are divorcing in Maryland may wish to speak with an attorney to settle issues of child support so that each person is fairly represented. Each parent should have his or her own representative and each parent needs to be willing to compromise so that they come out of the negotiations satisfied.

Source: The Washington Times, “Connecticut bill would boost child support enforcement funds“, May 3, 2015


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