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How to deal with a spouse who is a bully during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorce can bring out the worst in many people, and some will react in ways that are in direct opposition to their normal conduct. In some cases, a Maryland spouse who has never exhibited aggressive behavior will act out during the end of a marriage. One term for such a spouse is “divorce bully.” Individuals who have to deal with this type of behavior can have a number of challenges during the divorce process.

Bullying can take a number of forms, although some occur at a higher frequency than others. One of the most common behaviors that one spouse will engage in is making threats to the other party about property division or child custody. As these topics are among the most emotionally fraught aspects of a divorce it comes as no surprise that matters concerning money or shared children would be a primary target for threats.

Spouses who are subjected to such threats should make an effort to set clear boundaries with their former partner. In many cases, it is helpful to reduce all communication to a written format, such as email. Often, individuals will edit themselves when they know that there will be a written record of their words. For others, the need to exert control over the divorce process will overwhelm basic reason, and the bullying will continue. In such instances, the wronged party will have a communication record to present to a court, if need be.

Keeping good records is essential in any divorce or child custody case. Family courts are tasked with making important decisions while having limited information about the families that stand before the courts. When a Maryland spouse is being bullied within his or her divorce, having the ability to prove that can be essential to a favorable outcome.    

Source: The Huffington Post, “Coping With a Divorce Bully“, Dec. 2, 2015


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