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The role of the discovery process during a divorce

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One of the most important phases of a Maryland divorce involves gathering and reviewing all of information that will be needed to move forward. This process is known as discovery, and it will be different from one couple to the next. Understanding the importance of the discovery process can help spouses make the most of this stage of their divorce, and it can help them avoid common mistakes.

During discovery, each spouse’s attorney will compile a list of information that is needed from the other side. That information can include pay records, bank statements or investment information. The list can go on and on, and families who have amassed a significant amount of wealth will have more things to address during discovery.

Some information can be gathered by way of interrogatories, which are written questions and answers that are passed between the attorneys for each party. Additional information can be obtained through depositions. In some cases, experts are called in to provide an even greater depth of information, such as when a psychological evaluation or business valuation is required.

One of the biggest mistakes that a Maryland spouse can make is to rush through the discovery portion of a divorce. Trying to rush this process is tantamount to asking for errors to be made. It is necessary to take the time and make the effort that is required to gather all of the information that one’s divorce attorney needs to structure a negotiation strategy and move toward the final stages of the divorce process.

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