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When seeking to end a marriage, most Maryland spouses will secure the services of a trained family law attorney. Because most people are unfamiliar with the divorce process and are not sure what to expect, it is easy to take a backseat to the process and allow the attorney to guide the ship, so to speak. A better approach, however, is to take full advantage of the skills and experience of one’s divorce attorney to reach the best possible settlement.

One way to maximize the power of a good attorney is to provide he or she with all of the information needed to reach a positive outcome. This includes providing a written overview of the personality traits of the other spouse. This can give an attorney valuable information needed to guide the course of negotiations. For example, a wife who insists on getting the best possible deal no matter the circumstances will be amenable to a negotiation strategy that emphasizes the cost savings of various property division strategies. A husband who is very controlling and dominant will respond better to a strategy that allows him to feel as though he is in control of the divorce process and does not seek to strip him of his perceived position of dominance.

Another way that spouses can leverage the experience of their attorney is to check in frequently to make sure that the case is on track for a timely resolution and that there is no information needed by the attorney’s office. As with so many things in life, the squeaky wheel really does get the oil, and more aptly, the attention of the mechanic. Find a balance between being an annoyance to the the attorney and his or her staff and remaining on the top of the priority list.

Moving through and beyond a divorce should be the primary goal of Maryland spouses who are ready to move on with their lives. Taking advantage of the skills and training of a good family law attorney can make that goal a reality. By approaching the process as a collaborator and facilitator, spouses can reach a solid settlement in a relatively short period of time.  

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