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Cultivating a good relationship between lawyer and client

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Regardless of what kind of family law issue you are experiencing, you need a lawyer you can trust and one who will protect your interests. Like other relationships, sometimes the personality of the client and the personality of the attorney are simply incompatible. If you have experienced such an incompatibility, never assume that it means your family law issue is irresolvable. It is certainly safe to say that there is an attorney in the Annapolis, Maryland, area with whom you can develop an effective relationship.

A good relationship between you and your attorney can improve your chances of achieving an acceptable outcome. This can be especially so in family law matters when the stakes are often quite personal. One way you can help to cultivate a good relationship is by understanding what he or she can and cannot do for you. Having realistic expectations can often smooth the way for all parties involved.

— Ethical behavior: While your lawyer should be committed to representing you and only you, you should never expect an attorney to perform illegal or unethical services.

— No guarantees: Realistically, you should understand that the lawyer you choose can never absolutely guarantee the outcome of your family law issue.

— Child’s best interests: Even though your lawyer’s first duty is to protect your best interests, it is unwise to expect him or her to act in a way that goes against the best interests of your children.

— Professional relationship only: Throughout your family law case, both you and your lawyer should only engage in a professional working relationship. Developing a more personal relationship can have a negative effect on your case.

In the end, it is up to both you and your lawyer to form a committed and effective partnership. Do not be afraid to speak with your lawyer about ways you can improve your working relationship.

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