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Maryland’s options for those seeking a legal separation

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Many couples arrive at our office seeking a non-divorce solution to their marital issues. Often, they are looking to initiate a legal separation but there is a problem with this request–legal separations as most people understand them do not exist in Maryland. It can take the wind right out of a couple’s sails when they find out that the solution they thought was right for them is not an option. We hope this post will clear up the confusion about legal separation in Maryland because we believe that an informed client makes better decisions.

Even though legal separation is not an option, couples can have their needs met without going all the way through with a divorce. Often, a limited divorce is an effective alternative to a separation. We have talked about limited divorce in our blog before and will avoid getting too detailed about the process now. Instead, we refer you to this post if you need more detailed information.

For the purposes of offering solutions you can understand, the most important thing you should know about a limited divorce is that it does not quite end your marriage. You can live apart from one another and remain legally married. For some, it is an ideal option while the spouses take time to contemplate their future. For others it can be an indefinite or even permanent solution to living apart but not divorcing.

Another possible alternative to a legal separation is entering into a separation agreement. Such an agreement is a written, binding contract that sets forth the rights and responsibilities of both spouses. Many couples use a separation agreement as a way to live apart until they can get an absolute or limited divorce.

Our law firm can handle all of the options discussed here. We urge you to visit our website if you would like to learn more.


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