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What is child support designed to cover?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2018 | Child Support |

Are you required by the court to pay child support? Are you receiving child support payments every month?

If you answered yes to either question, it’s important to understand what child support is designed to cover.

For example, if you pay child support, you hope that the other parent isn’t using the money for his or her own personal gain.

Here are some of the many things child support can be used for:

  • Food, clothing and shelter: These are the basic necessities that every child requires, so your child support payments can definitely go toward these things.
  • Medical care: Even with a comprehensive health insurance policy, there are times when paying for medical care is necessary.
  • Educational fees: It costs money to get an education, and child support can be used to cover some of these expenses.
  • Child care: Do you need to pay for child care so you can go to work? You may be able to use child support to cover this expense.
  • Basic entertainment: This doesn’t mean you can use child support payments to go on exotic vacations every year, but the money can cover basic entertainment expenses.

If you have any questions about what child support is designed to cover, you’ll want to learn more. This holds true if you’re paying this every month or receiving payments from your child’s other parent.

In the event that you’re paying child support and need to modify the amount, learn more about the process for doing so and then take action. You may come to find that a modification is necessary, such as the result of a job loss or illness.

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