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Tech changes that can accompany divorce

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When people in Maryland decide to divorce, they may think first about the changes to come in their family homes or to their personal relationships. However, there are also some technical changes that people may wish to make to protect their security and privacy after the end of a marriage. One of the first things that may be important to do is to change all of a person’s major passwords. People who are married often share access not only to home accounts or online banking but even to email or messenger accounts.

As the divorce moves forward, any accounts that will remain private should have changed passwords. These include anything from personal credit cards to email accounts. Even in the most amicable of breakups, it is often a good idea to practice basic tech security. In addition, it can be important to perform a factory reset on shared devices. This is not meant to prevent the other spouse from obtaining relevant information during the divorce, but to prevent private material from lingering after the split is finalized.

In some cases, couples share social media accounts or have each other logged in on their respective devices. Of course, each person will want to set up an individual account and change passwords, but people may also want to consider how they will handle social media going forward. For some amicable couples, they may wish to stay friends or use messaging services to communicate. Others may want to fence off their online presence through at least a temporary block.

The technological complications that can accompany a divorce are only a reflection of the larger changes taking place at that time. A family law attorney can help people dealing with the end of a marriage to address key issues, including property division and spousal support.


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