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Planning for a divorce

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Maryland spouses who are thinking about splitting up may be unsure about the right time to get a divorce. According to psychology and family law professionals, summer is the prime time to end a marriage. The summertime gives a couple the opportunity to decide if divorce is a wise choice for their situation. Individuals can take the time to determine exactly what they want from a divorce. It is also a good period to fully understand the complete legal ramifications.

A 2016 study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington showed that divorce filings tend to increase in August and March. If there are marriage issues, they tend to get worse when the couple spends more time together.

Divorce attorneys also state that the divorce filings increase continues into the month of September, when a new school year begins. The increase will then occur again in January with the arrival of the new year.

While some unhappy spouses may be chomping at the bit, it’s important to plan ahead. In fact, a couple should start divorce planning months before filing the divorce petition. It’s wise to begin collecting important information about finances and other assets. Other types of documents may be needed as well, such as phone records. Family members, friends and legal aid can be consulted for help navigating the divorce.

A family law attorney may help a divorcing client prepare for the process. Depending on the circumstances, legal counsel could begin negotiations for divorce settlement terms. If necessary, the lawyer could engage in litigation to resolve disputes regarding spousal support, child support, the division of marital assets and child custody.


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