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Lessening the stress of divorce

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Divorce represents big changes in life for most people, which can make dissolving a marriage challenging and emotional. Maryland couples whose relationships are crumbling might like to hear some advice from a certified divorce financial analyst and author of a book about handling finances during and after a divorce.

When they are going through a divorce, people may need advice from a professional because an outsider’s perspective may offer clarity if emotions and tensions are running high. When dealing with these emotions, people might benefit from speaking with a counselor or therapist. For financial decisions, they might wish to consult a financial adviser. This could be needed when handling the division of retirement assets or when figuring out what to do with a house.

Some people experience depression or go into a funk during a divorce. One tip for improving their mood is to focus on what they find most important. This may involve family, religion or a career. Another suggestion involves taking time to exercise. Physical activity releases endorphins and can elevate one’s mood.

Perspective is also important when dealing with the end of a marriage. No one should expect to rebound immediately because it takes time to process emotions and heal. A positive mindset can also be helpful. While dissolving a marriage involves uncertainty, embracing it and accepting changes could help people better handle the situation.

There are many legal issues that have to be dealt with during the process of ending a marriage. A family law attorney can often help a client negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement that addresses them.


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