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Reaching an agreement on visitation for infants

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2019 | Child Custody |

One of the most difficult elements of a divorce is negotiating child custody and visitation, and for some Maryland parents of newborns, this may be even more difficult. There are a number of considerations involved in creating a visitation schedule with an infant. One of those is that the custodial parent may struggle with the idea of letting the child stay with the other parent.

The parent should examine the reasons for this hesitation so they can be addressed. It could be anxiety about being away from the child for a time or even overnight although many courts do not order overnights until the child is 3 or older. A mother who is breastfeeding might be concerned about having to pump, particularly if pumping is difficult. The visitation schedule should be built around the child’s sleep and food needs anyway, and it might be possible to reduce the amount of pumping the mother has to do or avoid it altogether. Another option might be to use formula.

Parents who are the main caregivers may feel as though only they can take care of the child competently since they have spent time learning what the child’s cries and other behaviors mean. However, it is important to trust that the other parent can learn as well even if the two parenting styles differ.

Usually, it is best if parents can negotiate an agreement for child custody and visitation instead of going to court. This can be less stressful for them as well as less costly. However, there are circumstances in which litigation may be necessary, and an attorney may help a parent prepare for it. Parents who are hoping to get custody might want to bring in documentation showing that they are the main caregivers. This could include testimony from doctors, teachers, and others.


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