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Spouse occupation: Does it really lead to divorce?

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There’s no denying that divorce has become more prevalent within Maryland and across the rest of the United States over the past few decades. Although each couple may have their own reasons for filing for divorce, the numbers have also shown another major cause for it. A spouses’ occupation is often noted as being the cause of one party filing for divorce. This, of course, is tied to financial hardship, which many couples reporter as being another reason for their separation. But is a person’s occupation really that big of a deal? The following includes further information on this theory and how it has involved over time.

Spouse occupation and divorce rates

Although the status of a person’s occupation was seen as merely a theory about why people end a marriage, studies have now produced actual numbers regarding it. A study conducted by Flowing Data revealed that a vast majority of couples who file for divorce have one spouse working within the transportation, administrative, personal care, or moving industry. On the other hand, couples who had a spouse working within the military, social sciences, and computer industry tended to have the lowest rate of divorce.

Do musicians really have a higher rate of divorce?

To further explore the theory that occupation matters, let’s look into a musician’s divorce rate. According to data, musicians who are more within the classical industry, such as music teachers or those who play within an orchestra fair better than the touring band type. Unfortunately, it is those who tour and play random gigs that are most affected and thus more likely to get divorced.

Divorce can be difficult for anyone of any occupation to go through. That is why it is so important to have a personal attorney by your side when things begin to take a turn for the worst.


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