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Do you lose spousal support after you go to work?

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For many people in Maryland, getting divorced means adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. If you were financially dependent on your spouse for most of your marriage, the judge might rule that your former spouse has to pay spousal support. This can help you support yourself while you look for a job after your marriage. However, spousal support doesn’t last forever.

Do you lose spousal support if you find a job?

You won’t automatically lose spousal support once you find a job. However, while some people receive spousal support indefinitely, the judge might place a limit on the amount of time that you can receive alimony. You might only be eligible for a year or two if you weren’t married very long. For this reason, it’s important to look for a job as soon as possible.

Even if a judge ordered your former spouse to pay alimony for several years, your former spouse might file a petition to end their alimony payments once you get a job. They might argue that you don’t need spousal support now that you’re financially independent. If the judge agrees, they might reduce your payments or eliminate them altogether. Once that happens, you’ll have to support yourself. A divorce attorney could advise you on when you should start seeking a job.

How could an attorney help you with spousal support?

Most judges won’t order spousal support automatically. An attorney could help you prove that you need spousal support because you were financially dependent on your spouse. Possible factors might include the duration of your marriage, you and your former spouse’s financial assets, the cause of the divorce, any mental or physical conditions that you might have, the amount of money that your spouse made during your marriage and your ability to find a job.


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