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Factors that influence how a court awards alimony

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Several factors go into the decision to award alimony in Maryland. Individuals seeking spousal support need to prove a need for it. The court may decide to award alimony for a specific length of time or until certain conditions are met, and it can also award spousal support indefinitely under special situations.

Understanding how courts make decisions

The court determines the amount of spousal support and the length of time offered. Once the period ends, alimony ceases to accrue. The court makes a determination for how much and how long based on several criteria:

  • How long the party needs to become self-supporting
  • Whether the party seeking support needs education to gain employment
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Length of the marriage
  • Age, physical and mental condition of each party

Courts also determine any agreements made between the parties, and they take the financial resources of each individual into account, including property that does not produce income, retirement benefits and other factors. If the party seeking alimony requires special needs and care, the court may award spousal support indefinitely.

Getting the right legal support ensures you remain protected. With so many factors that go into a court’s decision, understanding your rights serves as a critical first step.

Protecting your rights for obtaining alimony

In a divorce, expectations of a certain standard of living carry over. The court considers the financial needs of each party to award alimony as needed. Navigating the complex code that determines how courts award alimony can prove overwhelming. The right support can ensure you walk away from the divorce with options.


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