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Settling disputes over child custody matters with mediation

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One of the options you have in Maryland to determine child custody is mediation. If you and your child’s other parent decide to meet with a child custody mediator, it can give you both a better way to parent your child. Mediation is a process that allows you to resolve disputes with a neutral third party who can help you to negotiate so that the outcome is fair for everyone.

What should you do if your ex wants to meet with a mediator?

Mediation is one of the easiest ways to settle child custody disputes and resolve issues from serious to minor. When both parents work together to raise a child, the child will be happier. Another benefit is that you may be able to save precious time and money when you rely on mediation instead of going to court.

The idea of mediation may be new to you. However, you should do the following if your ex brings up the idea of meeting with a child custody mediator:

• Strongly consider it: Think it over and decide whether you want to give child custody mediation a chance. You can choose whether to participate. You aren’t obligated to do so unless ordered by a judge to attend mediation.

• Respond in writing: After you have decided whether you want to give mediation a try, write to your ex to inform them of that decision. If you are open to mediation, it gives you the opportunity to show the judge that you’re willing to work with your ex. If you choose not to try mediation, detail your reasons for it. If those reasons are valid, that may be accepted by the court.

• Participate: If a judge orders you to participate in child custody mediation, at the very least, you should attend one session. This shows that you are open to mediation and negotiating with your ex about how to handle custody matters. If you don’t participate, you may be held in contempt by the judge. If you aren’t ordered to attend mediation, you aren’t obligated to attend a session.

Resolving child custody matters

If you’re dealing with child custody issues with your ex, a family law attorney may act as a mediator or recommend one. An attorney may help protect your rights and settle your issues so that your child benefits.


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