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Is it helpful to work with a divorce coach?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce might prove inevitable when a marriage falls apart. While many would wish to end their marriage as soon as possible, the Maryland proceedings and negotiations may take some time. The entire process could prove stressful and challenging, putting someone trying to make the right decisions in a difficult position. One way to deal with the situation involves working with a divorce coach.

Assistance from a divorce coach

Mental health professionals may offer their services as divorce coaches. While they do not act as therapists, they provide assistance on matters related to divorce. Someone worried about talking to their children about the upcoming divorce or stressed out about going through divorce proceedings without any positive support could turn to a divorce coach for help.

In a way, a divorce coach could serve as a loyal, helping hand during the divorce. The coach may join a client at meetings or other stressful situations. While the coach does not offer legal advice nor perform legal duties, the coach may serve as a supportive companion during legal proceedings.

Help from a divorce coach

A divorce coach could bring his or her knowledge to the table. Crafting a parenting plan might be something outside of the divorcing spouse’s experience. Working with a skilled divorce coach could lead to coming up with a reasonable plan. The coach could even assist someone with setting a “nesting plan” for their children or even help with divorce negotiation skills. Different coaches may offer different services, but most coaches could likely help with a variety of scenarios.

Many burdens fall on a divorcing spouse’s shoulders, and those unfamiliar with divorce proceedings and related matters could feel overwhelmed. At the very least, a divorce coach may take the edge of the situation. The spouse might not have to go through things alone when a divorce coach is there for support.


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