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How does Maryland court calculate child support?

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Child support is a necessary conversation in any Maryland divorce. While it’s a necessary conversation, it can be different for every divorcing couple based on a variety of factors.

When do you have to pay child support?

Child support ensures that money is put aside by both parents in order to provide for the child or children, even if both parents don’t live with the children full time. Generally, child support is almost always required.

The parent who doesn’t have full-time custody will pay it to the parent who does, based on both parents’ income levels and the needs of the child. It’s rare that a parent wouldn’t be required by the court to pay child support.

How is child support determined?

Child support is determined during the divorce process. Maryland court uses a table that determines the amount of child support owed from one parent to another based on the number of children and the income of both parents.

For example, if the parent who is meant to be paying child support only makes $2000 a month and has three children with their ex-spouse, they’ll have to pay $654 monthly based on the Maryland table. However, this isn’t used every time.

When are there exceptions to child support?

If the parent makes less than $1200 a month, they’ll be forced to pay a minimum of $20 a month based on other contributing factors such as housing expenses. If the parent doesn’t have a job, child support will be determined based on potential income.

If the parent can’t make child support because of a mental or physical disability, the court might grant an exception. But generally, the parent will be expected to pay child support as a way to provide for their children.


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