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The stages of a divorce settlement

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Persons in troubled marriages may file for divorce wishing the union would end as quickly as possible. Unreasonable delays might be intolerable, but both parties should realize that rushing to a settlement might not benefit anyone. Working properly through the various stages of Maryland divorce settlement negotiations could lead to an acceptable final divorce decree.

Divorce settlement concerns

The early stages of a divorce might suffer from emotional distractions. Anger, denial, and resentment could impede both soon-to-be ex-spouses’ minds. Challenging emotional reactions are understandable, given the situation. However, the parties should pull themselves together at some point to make appropriate decisions during the negotiation process.

Being difficult during settlement talks out of spite won’t likely work in anyone’s favor. Such behavior might lead to a court battle that involves far more time and money. Causing unnecessary conflict may hurt the children of the estranged couple. Unrealistic requests or demands related to child support and visitation rights may inflict emotional harm on young ones.

Bargaining a negotiated settlement

Divorce settlement negotiations may involve the parties overcoming alimony amounts or property division disagreements. Perhaps both spouses want to keep the family home, an unfeasible outcome. Effective talks may result in agreeing to sell the house and split the proceeds evenly.

When both spouses reach an impasse, mediation may provide a solution. While mediation does not lead to a binding decision, a third-party mediator might help everyone overcome staunch disagreements about “who gets what.” Mediation may speed the process and avoid a court battle.

Ultimately, a judge reviews a divorce settlement agreement. If the judge feels the settlement is appropriate, he or she will likely sign off on the deal.


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