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Issues with a 50/50 custody plan

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2023 | Child Custody |

When spouses divorce, the focus might shift to how they will care for their children when the marriage ends. Not every custody arrangement in Maryland is the same, and some parents might opt for a 50/50 custody plan. While this arrangement may work for some parents, others can find it impractical and problematic.

Issues with a 50/50 custody plan

A 50/50 custody plan involves joint custody agreements when the child lives with both parents equally. The arrangement is far different from one where the child lives with a custodial parent most of the time. Those couples considering a 50/50 plan might benefit from reviewing its potential drawbacks.

A 50/50 arrangement may be confusing to a child when the parents have a completely different approach to child rearing. One parent may be more structured than the other, or one parent may find far less value in extracurricular activities than the other. Conflicts may arise when the parents cannot agree on how to raise the child, and the child might experience emotional and developmental issues.

Custody problems expand

The 50/50 plan can provide an equitable way for the parents to manage their child-rearing time. However, this Equity may not extend to the child’s development. Spending half the time with one parent in one house and the other half with another parent in a different residence can create stress for the child. Sometimes, that stress may carry over into the relationships between the ex-spouses. Such things should be considered when developing a child custody agreement.

Revisions might be necessary if the current child custody arrangement is not working out. Revisiting the agreement in court may be in the child’s best interest.


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